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It seemed like a long time since she had last thought about her mom.  One day she was a sort of dead beat mom who came around from time to time, left money on the kitchen counter for food and stuff, and then the next day she wasn't there.

At all.

No text messages.

No voicemails or phone calls.


It was like she had just disappeared and for a time Dylan didn't know what to make of the situation.  Admitting that she was gone was admitting that she was actually gone and that was terrifying.  The idea that someone she loved and relied on could just up and vanish.  Maybe she had just been abandoned, people do that to kids sometimes.  Most of the time they are a little bit younger then herself but it still happens, and maybe the ex-Mrs.-Foster just didn't want to deal with being a mom any more, with a job and a failed marriage, especially since she was dating this hot new professor.  So Dylan sort of expected her to come back.  Sooner or later she would, maybe after she found herself, cleared her head, something like that.

Outwardly, and maybe a little inwardly as well, she thought that she hadn't thought about her mom in the passing months, the truth was, she had.  The lights would go out and the world would grow dark and she would think about the smiling, dark haired woman, who gave life to her.  What had happened to her, where she went, what she was doing.

The medical examiner pulled the sheet back from the pale corpse face and looked up at the two way mirror expectantly.  For a moment all Dylan could do was stare and then stare some more before her eyes got wet with tears and her head bobbed up and down for yes.

Apparently that's what her mother was doing.


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