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Dylan Foster

Delta represents the addition of heat in a reaction

13 September
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Name: Dylan Foster aka Delta aka Bob aka Bobracha aka BOBRACHA4LYFE
Age: 18 going on 134 billion
location: New fucking York
relationship status: lookin' for love in all the wrong places
likes: this list is a whole lot shorter then her dislikes
dislikes: everything
what you need to know: Dylan is the only child between a match that was not made in heaven but was given a go simply for the sake of the child. Her dad's name is Paul and her mother's name is Julie. Paul is a general surgeon in California and Julie is a fine arts professor in New York. Despite her preference to her mom she hated and resented being dragged out of California to New York. Generally surly, loud and rebellious on the outside, on the inside she is actually a decent, goofy, loyal person with generally the same mood swings and insecurities of other girls her age.

Two things everyone should know:


ooc: this is a role playing journal. Mun is way the fuck over 18 and muse is 18. No profit is being made from this journal (seriously how the fuck would I make a profit from this shit? Please, let me know because then I'd dump my dead end job and stop wanting to hang myself.) Also: not the fantastic Joseph Suicide, just borrowing her face like a FUCKING CREEPER. Any comments, complains, plot ideas, drop me a line.